The four-star campsite located inside the tourist resort consists of large shady and private pitches outlined by trees.
Each pitch has its own mullion for water and electricity. There's also a laundry area with coin-operated washing machines. There are small eco-friendly recycling depots for garbage collection, respecting nature and hygiene. Furthermore guests can also use the resort's services and facilities such as the shuttle bus, swimming pool, supermarket, bar, restaurant, pizzeria, tobacconist, newspapers, pharmacy selling OTC products and boutique.

Camper Stop

The deal includes the use of the toilettes and showers, electricity, "camper service" and supply of drinking water.
For administrative purposes the deal is valid from the opening to 30th June and from 1st September to the closing date.
Entry and exit times area a condition (SOLE) for the application of the "special"

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In house regulations

Upon their arrival, guests are required to register with valid ID and sign the notification form. From 1/7 to 31/8 the identification bracelet issued by the Reception office must be worn at all times. For the same period, from 2pm to 7am it is strictly prohibited to drive inside the Village with any type of vehicle. Guests arriving and departing cannot enter or leave the campsite by car from 2pm to 4pm and from 11.30pm to 7.00am. At these times, it is prohibited to make any type of noise that may disrupt the peace and quiet of other guests. The Management assigns the pitches. Any change of position must be authorized by the Reception. Visitors are not allowed inside the accommodation areas, access is only allowed by way of registration and payment of the daily fee. During high and peak season no animals are allowed in the Resort. The use of equipment and the Resort's sports and recreational facilities (swimming pool, beach, tennis, basketball and soccer) is free during low season. During the remaining periods it is allowed only with the payment of a reasonable fee or with the Club Card, on sale at the Reception office. Use of the electrical outlets is only permitted for camping devices and equipment. The pitches also have a water point to be used paying the utmost respect to the environment, since the area does not have drains or channels. Pitches are to be kept clean and tidy, putting any type of equipment in order and using the recycling bins for rubbish. The campsite's staff will check and verify that regulations are respected.

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